Measuring Human Values in Software Production

When & Where

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, SIAM-IMA  Early Career Researcher Conference, LIverpool, 3-5 April 2019


Human values, such as prestige, social justice, and financial success, influence software production decision-making processes. While their subjectivity makes some values difficult to measure, their impact on software -and of software on society -motivates my research. This talk makes the case for the study of human values in software production and offers two key principles in order to advance this research agenda. Firstly, the significance of values as distinguished from, though connected to, ethics; and secondly, the need for clear theoretical to values study. It then introduces a selection of tools and techniques that have been designed in accordance with these two principles and used with computing professionals from research, education, and industry. It concludes with discussion around lessons learnt, ongoing challenges, and future directions.

Delivered By MAF @ViC