ViC @CHI2017

In a keynote speech at ICSE 2015, Grady Booch put forward the notion that “every line of code has a moral and ethical implication”. This has been starkly illustrated by recent events, such as the Volkswagen emissions software system scandal, which has been described as “a complete abdication of law and social responsibility”. The realization of the far reaching impact of  ‘digital’ on politics, society, and the environment is not new and is shared by many academics and  practitioners to include “computer and information scientists, social scientists, designers, and philosophers of technology”. However, despite these efforts, it remains the case that the human values embedded into software or into the design of human-computer interfaces are usually invisible, except when the far-reaching consequences of their breach manifest.

The aim of this one-day workshop  was precisely to investigate mechanisms which give more exposure to those values in computing that are less frequently considered. We did so by bringing together practitioners from different computing backgrounds (e.g. software engineering, interaction design, information systems) who have first-hand experience of trying to represent on an equal footing all human values in computing.

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