ViC @CHI2017 Position Papers

Murillo Brandão and Marcelle Rossi
Human Values in Computing: Is the Objectification of the Subjectivity a Prior Step?

Gilbert Cockton;
A Worth-Focused Creative Design Lens on Values in Computing

Clarisse S. de Souza, Renato F. G. Cerqueira, Luiz M. Afonso, Rafael R. M. Brandão, Juliana S. J. Ferreira;
Semiotic Engineering Tools for the Inspection of Meanings Inscribed in Software

Alan Dix;
Where are the values? Locating and Reasoning 25 years On.

Steve Dodier-Lazaro, Ruba Abu-Salma, Ingolf Becker, M. Angela Sasse;
From Paternalistic to User-Centred Security: Putting Users First with Value-Sensitive Design.

Ian G Johnson;
Value Added Tasks: Reflecting on Decision-Making with Communities.

Corina Sas;
Personal Values in HCI Research.

W. Ben Towne;
Position Paper For CHI 2017 Workshop on Values In Computing.

Maarten Van Mechelen, Bert Vandenberghe, Jan Derboven;
Values-led Participatory Design with Children: Reflection on Action.